Interactive installation is grid of transparent LEDs which display halftone and circular patterns whose display can emulate it’s viewers.

A week ago, I covered a New Media exhibition in Seoul called ‘The Da Vinci Ideas Exhibition’ and was intrigued by this piece, hoping there would be a video of it. Well, the brilliant Creative Applications discovered it, which you can watch in the embed below:

Created by Korena collective HYBE, IRIS is a media canvas with matrix of conventional information display technology, that is a monochrome LCD.Through the phased opening and closing of circular black liquid crystal, IRIS can create various patterns and control the amount (size) of passing lights. 

More Info and images can be found at Creative Applications here

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Speed Of Light

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Demo 2012 - Mapping 3d / Motion & Vjing
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An EYEON the last collaboration of Marta Veludo as an Art Director Assistant with No-Domain, who has been commissioned by Yoigo to their new campaign manifest.

"Hi, my name is Marta. In my childhood, I wanted to be a bailarina but i ended up as an image and story maker. My work moves around illustration, typography, moving image and graphic design. Ways to show concepts & ideas & stories."


Worked over a year at No-Domain, a multidisciplinary studio as Art Director Junior. Worked as Graphic Designer at Ana Mirats Studio, Barcelona. In the present is working at Matte Studio, Amesterdam and making freelance projects all over the world.


I belong to a collective, collaborating on design projects, illustration, exhibitions and workshops. We call ourselves as Sophie Lingerie Collective. Recently I joined to Colher, Inside of Portuguese Design as a contributor writer.


Other collaborations

Twopoints.netLa Rambla, 2010
Galula StudioWild Manta, 2011
ColherSiboney, 2011
Ricardo LeiteSwinging Rabbits, 2011
Rita Lino, Story to Be Told, 2010
Terra DesignArraial Pride Illustration, 2009






At society6 Graphic & Delicious


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Nike Fuel Station at  Boxpark by String

Sales staff at The Nike Fuel Station at Boxpark were given iPads that used augmented reality to tell customers about any product in the store. Mirrors also displayed digital avatars that would appear when customers approached them, giving the customer interactive information about a product.

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“The Elegant Lady” a 3-D mapping building projection celebrating The Queen’s diamond jubilee, as part of Bangor’s diamond jubilee celebrations on the night of the 4th of June we were commissioned to produce a projection, our show culturally traced the six decade reign of Queen Elizabeth II through the eyes of the wonderful Bangor Castle. 
The event book ended by the Ulster Orchestra and the Beacon lighting ceremony provided a spectacular finale to the occasion.

Wendy Smith, North Down Borough Council: “I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and the crew and as soon as I met you had total faith and confidence in your abilities. You totally embraced the project and dealt with the topic sympathetically and with I felt great respect.” 

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Diamond Jubilee Concert - Madness - Our House

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Draw Your Own Self Portrait With Your Eyes Closed

The ‘Blind Self Portrait‘ machine, a collaboration between Kyle McDonald and Matt Mets, helps you draw a picture of yourself with your eyes shut. At the intersection of art and technology, the machine lets the user be both the subject and the artist. While their eyes are closed, a moving platform guides a pen in their hand to draw a self portrait. Computer vision is used to track their face and generate a line drawing.

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VISUATARI - 3d Videomapping installation by Tonner Vi

Video projection mapping meets video games, and it’s a match made in 8-bit heaven. 

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